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Gattaca's movie set: in Frank Lloyd Wright's city-building | frank lloyd wright | Thông tin nghệ thuật hay mới cập nhật tại đây

Có phải là bạn đang cần tìm sản phẩm nói về frank lloyd wright có phải không? Có đúng là bạn đang muốn tìm chủ đề Gattaca's movie set: in Frank Lloyd Wright's city-building phải không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây.

Gattaca's movie set: in Frank Lloyd Wright's city-building | Tất cả các thông tin về nghệ thuật được cung cấp tại đây.

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Khi Frank Lloyd Wright thiết kế trung tâm hành chính Marin vào những năm 1950, ông đã đi trước thời đại đến nỗi nó vẫn được sử dụng để mô tả tương lai trong một bộ phim những năm 1990 (Gattaca của Andrew Nicol, với Uma Thurman và Ethan Hawke; nó cũng một vị trí cho George Lucas ‘THX 1138). Trở lại năm 1957, Vera Schultz đã phải mất một người giám sát quyết tâm để tuyển một huyền thoại kiến ​​trúc 90 tuổi để thiết kế tòa nhà công cộng đầu tiên và duy nhất của ông. Quận cũng đang xem xét Richard Neutra, người sẵn sàng làm việc với mức lương thấp hơn Wright. Wright cũng bị từ chối san lấp ba mỏm đất trên địa điểm, vì biết rằng chúng có thể làm việc cho tòa nhà nếu được giữ nguyên. Benjamin Berto, người làm việc trong tòa nhà với tư cách là người lập kế hoạch cho quận Marin. Phần còn lại của hội đồng quản trị đã nhìn thấy vẻ đẹp trong thiết kế của Wright và Quận Bắc California nhỏ bé này đã đạt được một công trình kiến ​​trúc nổi tiếng thế giới phù hợp với khu đất xung quanh nó (Wright từ chối san lấp 3 mỏm đất của khu đất và thay vào đó, chúng hoạt động cho toàn bộ) . Truyện gốc:.

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Hình ảnh liên quan đếnnội dung Gattaca's movie set: in Frank Lloyd Wright's city-building.

Gattaca's movie set: in Frank Lloyd Wright's city-building

Gattaca's movie set: in Frank Lloyd Wright's city-building

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Gattaca's movie set: in Frank Lloyd Wright's city-building.

frank lloyd wright.

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48 thoughts on “Gattaca's movie set: in Frank Lloyd Wright's city-building | frank lloyd wright | Thông tin nghệ thuật hay mới cập nhật tại đây”

  1. He went back to Roman architecture but he doesn't use the Corinthian columns and entablature as is usually done in revival architecture. The dome is a version of the dome of the Pantheon. The three tiers of arches is taken from the Roman aqueduct at Pont au Gard. The atriums are derived from Roman house design, which always had a central atrium for light and air. There are other features of Roman historical building, but they hide in plain sight.

  2. In his honor that alone should of been enough to build it …… he changed usa architecture st least forever in fact he changed the world forever Disney took designs from him too FYI

  3. I've thought about this water problem for years. We need an IM Pei to come in and design the PERFECT low arc skylight to cover the entire building outer wall to wall. A new roof in effect. Protect the whole thing end to end. Tint the special UV coating ever so slightly "Marin Blue" to match. The old skylight frame would stay, lose the glass, then the new roof would take on the job with PV smart glass.

  4. I lived one block from the FLW’s civic center in San Rafael.
    Our view from the living room was of the blue roof and gold rod reaching for the sky. Was married out on the garden patio with fountain flowing on level 3….marriage didn’t last but that amazing building will live on forever ♥️

  5. Interesting how a building contains political power. Marin county for decades has said no,no No to a commuter rail connecting San Francisco to Santa Rosa. Wealthy don't want that… Heavy Traffic to work a job on 101affects millions of people in surrounding counties.

  6. My friend’s mother was an assistant to George Lucas and she claimed the Marin Civic Center and San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts were big influences on the architect for Naboo in Star Wars.

  7. This is a truly wonderful building, and all the fresh air in all seasons in wonderful also. The only awful and distracting elements are the cheap looking "gold" color embellishments and that awful, tacky blue roof!!! Other than those two "deal breakers" the building is fantastic.

  8. Love FLW's work and that building in particular. I do wish there was some discussion as to the genesis of the design which was, as I understand, originally going to be along the shoreline of Richardson Bay there in Marin which would explain a lot of the design elements that typically are left examined except to say they are wonderful; the spire for instance and its purpose. Cheers.

  9. Only in California… My Social Worker relative worked in this building. She loved it. Couple of things; Wrights projects seemed to have never ending leaking or structural integrity problems as here, in the Falling Water House (one million dollar foundation overhaul) and large homes he built in California, where his experimental concrete block system did not hold up well, at all. Pushing design aside, many required extensive and expensive rework. Some very expensive homes are just not repairable, the design of construction so flawed and prevalent throughout. Some smaller homes are so uncomfortable, no one wants to live in them. This building works well in this climate and in a seismic activity area. But in the South, we need A/C! Ambient air won't cut it. Gotta give Wright credit for beautiful creativity, but not all of his projects were successful. Practicality and serviceability matter, too.

  10. I was married here, partly by chance. It's not my favorite Frank Lloyd Wright design ( top honors to the Guggenheim). But I'm such a huge Wright fan that it was cool being married in one of his buildings. Nice to watch this video. It was a long time ago and now I live far, far away. Thank you for this. 🙂

  11. Great video. Good old boys unfortunately we still have…"trumps the politics" Lol! I love frank lloyd wright. Wish he lived 2 lifetimes ..the funny part about his comment on lloyd mentioning buckets and sponges..my nickname for him affectionately is frank lloyd leak

  12. I have one of the spun aluminum gold balls from the fascia. I got it in the mid 1960's at the construction site where it had been slightly damaged and was removed. It is one of a kind, totally unique and irreplaceable. If interested in obtaining it reply to this posting for photos, etc. Larry Sorenson Architect, Phoenix Arizona

  13. The Republicans fought this to the end. The design was new, progressive, visionary. Everything Republicans detest about our fellow human beings is represented in this building. Beauty, modern design, the future, makes them sick to their stomach. They will have this demolished at first chance.

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