STRANGER THINGS 4 Rumors – Chapters 2, 3, & 4 Titles Potentially Revealed | xem phim stranger things season 2 | Playlist phim mới Hay Nhất

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STRANGER THINGS 4 Rumors – Chapters 2, 3, & 4 Titles Potentially Revealed | Bộ Sưu Tập xem phim stranger things season 2 Mới Cập Nhật


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STRANGER THINGS 4 Rumors – Chapters 2, 3, & 4 Titles Potentially Revealed và các hình ảnh liên quan đến Danh Sách này.

STRANGER THINGS 4 Rumors - Chapters 2, 3, & 4 Titles Potentially Revealed
STRANGER THINGS 4 Rumors – Chapters 2, 3, & 4 Titles Potentially Revealed

xem phim stranger things season 2 và các Chia sẻ liên quan đến chủ đề.

Bà Strange xem qua các tiêu đề tập phim đã được chính thức xác nhận trên Twitter của Stranger Writers. Ngoài ra, hãy theo dõi chúng tôi trên Twitter và Instagram @struniverse. .

>> Ngoài xem đề tài này bạn có thể tìm xem thêm nhiều thông tin về phim hay khác do chúng tôi cung cấp tại đây: Xem thêm nhiều thông tin hay tại đây .

Từ khoá liên quan đến bài viết xem phim stranger things season 2.

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STRANGER THINGS 4 Rumors – Chapters 2, 3, & 4 Titles Potentially Revealed.

xem phim stranger things season 2.

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  1. Omg I just have a guess but what if there is a type of clock monster so tick took mr clock is a like nightmare of el’s and she has visions of her childhood bc she had these dreams back then and her brain is leading her back to the nightmare bc the clock monster might just have came to the upside down from a clock universe or something like that and teamed up with the flayer and demogorgon so that’s why the 4th season is ganna be scarier than anyone and also I think eleven is ganna find her powers again

    Edit: also people are talking about season five well I have a theory as well they might be older and it will say 5 years later and there talking to each other and then wills mom knocks on the door and tells them that the upside down is spreading here and they have to stop it then……. BARB….. yes barb came back to life and tells them she have been waching everyone including Nancy and warns them that hopper has turned bc he breath in this toxic smell from the upside down and turned evil……… and they have to stop the upside down and then there was………….Dart……. he came back and Dustin was so happy but when things where normal with dart buttttt…………. when one day eleven was playing with dart outside ALONE it turned itself into a human but not any human….. eleven so everyone thought eleven was acting weird so they try and figure out what’s wrong then they figure out that dart and eleven switched and figured it out by eleven using the last of her power since they switched and tried to tell mike by going into his mind ad saying “eleven…..not……..eleven” and mike was confused but then he gets visions of what happened one…by…one.

  2. okay so i actually do have the real titles here they are :
    episode 1 : the hellfire club.
    episode 2 : the new party.
    episode 3 : the survivor.
    episode 4 : regaining and training.
    episode 5 : thankful meeting.
    episode 6 : the american.
    episode 7 : murray, hurry.
    episode 8 : together again.
    episode 9 : hell's final breath.

    my theories :
    episode 1 : i have no idea
    episode 2 : el and will will have a new party (sadly)
    episode 3 : i have no idea
    episode 4 : el is regaining her powers
    episode 5 : i have no idea
    episode 6 : it's about hopper so we will know how he escaped ect….
    episode 7 : murray will die
    episode 8 : el and will and the others will reunite
    episode 9 : i have no idea

    notes : overall, i think this season will have a lot of forshadowing and we won't get what we want we will wait for seaon 5 and also this seaon is so exiting since we think hopper died but he didn't and also el lost her powers so we want to know how will she get them back also el and will moved away and we want to know why and how will they get back to the other party, lastly is who is going to die and we are hoping non of the main characters will.

    thank you so much if you're still reading till this bit.

  3. I think theres gonna be at least 6 seosons bc. Seoson 1 had a sad end (El was gone) seoson 2 had a happy end (snowball) and seosond 3 had a sad end (El and will moved). So seoson 4 would have a happy end. And bc seoson 4 will not be the final seoson (and seoson 5 will have a sad end) seoson 6 wil have a happy end and it will be THE END OF STRANGER THINGS

  4. The titles that I found somewhere were
    1. The Hellfire Club
    2. The New Party
    3.The Survivor
    4.Regaining and Training
    5.Thankful meeting
    6.The American
    7.Murray, Hurry
    8.Together Again
    9.Hell’s Final Breath

    I found these titles on many different tik tok videos and I even searched them up and they sound pretty real to me idk what do you guys think? 🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. This is what I think the titles will be !
    1. Hellfire Club
    2. The New Party
    3. Regaining ( could be for El’s powers )
    4. Thanksgiving
    5. Murray, Hurray
    6. Together Again
    7. Survivor
    8. The American
    9. Hell’s Final Breath

    I think season 4 will be the last season to ST. And why do I think that? Because the last episode ( episode 9 ) the picture was leaked to what the episode will be called, so that’s correct. & hell’s final breath, what is hell in stranger things? The upside down & demigorgan. That’ll be his final breath. & also, The Duffer Brothers are known to have plot twist & cliffhangers, due to all the new characters, someone HAS to die to make it interesting, I think they’ll find hopper ( or hopper will break out ) & then El will try to stop the demigorgan, but she dies. Although I LOVE El & don’t want her to die, if that does happen it’ll be the perfect plot twist. And at the end I think it’s gonna show Mike, Lucas , Will , Max , & Dustin all grown up & playing with their kids. A little far fetched, but you get the point.

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