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The Day How I Met Your Mother Died | how i met your mother | Danh Sách phim mới Hot Nhất

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The Day How I Met Your Mother Died | Playlist how i met your mother Mới Nhất

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The Day How I Met Your Mother Died và các hình ảnh liên quan đến Bộ Sưu Tập này.

The Day How I Met Your Mother Died

The Day How I Met Your Mother Died

how i met your mother và các Nội dung liên quan đến đề tài.

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The Day How I Met Your Mother Died.

how i met your mother.

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42 thoughts on “The Day How I Met Your Mother Died | how i met your mother | Danh Sách phim mới Hot Nhất”

  1. Personally I found the last episode great. Honestly the biggest mistake they made was forcing a second go at robin and barneys relationship. Sure they both love whiskey and being workaholics, but aside from that and some daddy issues, robin and barney werent really all that alike. They should have had barney end up with Nora, and began foreshadowing robin and ted getting back together earlier so people wouldnt get attached to the duo and get butthurt when it didnt work out the way they wanted it.

  2. The problem was not the ending, was the story. Robin and Ted were meant to end up together, so they should've maintain that hope between Ted and Robin (both of them, not just Ted), and not giving that much importance to Robin and Barney's story, that was the mistake.

  3. People forget that they are married for 3 years and get a divorce because of traveling. Tracy had been dead for 7 year so Ted tells the story to get in the other girls pants. What is so bad about that ending.

  4. Seriously? Character arc isn't even the issue! We have known from all these seasons that what Barney did was to stop being sad. Womanizing was just a way to keep himself busy. That's what he did in the end. His character building was the best. And yes Robin couldn't change herself till the end. Ted, the romantic and dreamy guy he was, had to give up his dreams for her. And he said Robin didn't make him feel needed. There were issues all over the place. But with Barney, Robin knew he wasn't Don. If she didn't, she shouldn't have married Barney. She didn't believe him. Google says "Barney went along everywhere with her for her interest, but ut didn't work out". She always had this idea that Ted was the best cause the more she stepped back, Ted stepped forward for her. But for how long? On the other hand, Barney gave up on Nora, became a better person, gave up all his resorts just for her. He loved her. He did. Ted was Ted. But Barney wasn't always Barney. He should have had someone who appreciates him. Who appreciates his changing himself. And when Robin just forgot everything and said that her ex husband was back on random chicks, man! I knew she didn't deserve him! She should have ran away before wedding I guess or just cancel it. They should have made Barney happy. He deserves all of that. Cause he loved. All the 4 of them. He showed up. He was there. What he gets? And that's what you mfs get for watching something that was shoot 7 years ago 🙂

  5. “No one wants to die, Harold, but unfortunately we do. Harold, you will die someday, sometime. Heart failure at the bank. Choke on a mint. Some long, drawn-out disease you contracted on vacation. You will die. You will absolutely die. Even if you avoid this death, another will find you and I guarantee that it won't be nearly as poetic or meaningful as what she's written.” – Professor Jules Hilbert (Dustin Hoffman), Stranger Than Fiction.

    As a writer, the ending totally worked. Fully justified, stayed true to the characters. Not like it was a surprise, the writing was on the wall starting season 5.

    I got quotes. I got sources. I’ve got huge respect to the writers for the cajones it took to not pull that punch.

    Sorry bud, not a fan.

  6. I am sorry but the ending wasn't that bad, it's the most realistic, People get divorced, stay together until one of them dies and when one of those happens the one you start dating first is someone from your past, that's the most common realistic thing that happens, sure they shouldn't have stayed the entire season in a wedding just 2 episodes , they should have had robin and Barney's marriage crumble in the last couple of episodes while they actually develop Tracy and her illness

  7. In my opinion, last forever part 1 was the true ending, but without the story arch of Ted and Robin getting back together

  8. breaking up robin and barney was a mistake. killing tracy was a mistake. having ted and robin end up together after both of these events was an outright slap in the face.

  9. I agree that the characters of Barney and Robin and the story leading to the meeting of Ted and Tracy was a huge flop of the HIMYM. I remember being irritable for days after watching the last episode of the series.

    Clincher: The divorce of Barney and Robin only instill in the minds of the viewers that people will never change (a womanizer can never change and will never find true love) and that damaged people can never find love.

  10. The video is great and I am not criticising your work at all but it completely disagree with most of what is said:
    – for Barney I honestly never felt it could work on the long term between him and Robin, and such a sentimental deception logically brings Barney back to what he did best. But the character is still more mature as we can see with the scene with his baby
    – as for the death of the mother, we never saw Tracy once in the “present” timeline, it seemed only logical that she was either dead or divorced from ted (dead being the more probable option when we see how Ted talks about her)
    -finally for Ted and robin maybe the part with the two kids was a bit overdone but still it makes sense that Ted and Robin ended up together a long time after Tracy died

  11. I don't mind the plot that tracy died it would make sense as too why ted spend to long telling but they could've had the kids say "this was less about mom and more about how uncle barney uncle Marshall aunt lily and aunt robin mean to you, also you're a horrible story teller" or something along those lines and and vague idk why they'd get so specific about an ending that was undermined and premature and keep barney and robin together because it erases not only their personal growth that 9 years of a show made but it would be so out of character for robin to just say yea sure ! when she was said countless times that that chapter of their lives were done

  12. I love this show… because it focuses on real aspects of life…and tbh..the divorce of Barney and Robin was okay.. because Robin wanted to be a famous journalist..so sometimes it has to be one of them.. That's harsh reality!! While the death of mother makes so much sense.. because she wouldn't be in the same house…all the time listening to the story of how Ted met her! For me, the show never died…it made me cry..it made me laugh and it taught me various realistic things..!! It is never bad to move on from your dead partner(even Tracy did that). Ted wanted to give their relationship(His and Robin's) a chance..and so he did ..For me the ending was justified… It's never too late to find love❤️ Even though Tracy was his soulmate..Robin was his Love..for her Ted can literally do anything!!!!😘

  13. I agree with this full video, except it's pretty obvious that they hadn't shot that ending scene with the kids in season 2. In comparison to the shots they always used, they visibly look older and there's small details on the set that are different. I've never understood why people can't see that

  14. Only true fans would actually understand the last episode, it made sense tht Ted and Robin ended because they had done everything they wanted to cause If Ted stayed with Robin without meeting Tracy and having kids then it wouldn't of worked with with him and Robin cuase she wanted to pursue her career and Ted wanted kids and the truth is Ted always loved her and she loved Ted ever since season 4 when she asked lily why his marrying Stella and not her

  15. Opinion time! Ok, I have watched the series and read many of the articles about the ending, how it was planned far in advance, and I will agree that it felt a little "stuck on there" at the end. This was due to the filming, bad dye job on Ted's hair, the dogs from season 2 being in Robin's apartment (they looked just like them in my opinion), and it looked like a lower quality film compared to the rest of season nine or even the rest of the episode.

    However, my answer to all of the Mos-Batsky naysayers out there is this… Ted found, retrieved, and brought, the locket. It was fate. (Fate is powerful and works for those who believe in it, which both Ted and Robin did, even her breakdown when she knew Ted found the locket and questioned if she was marrying the right guy, speaks to her true desire to be with the one who found the locket).

    Tracy wasn't just some girl either, a person can have many loves in their life, (Speaking as a widower, getting remarried 5 years later, and now kids, I can say I believe Ted loved both women), so I don't feel that Ted is cheapening his relationship or marriage by wanting to get back together with Robin at the end.

    Not knowing the ending was done in advance (and missing certain points throughout the previous seasons, like his desire / delusion of meeting Tracy 45 days sooner, or the comment and tears about missing one's daughter's wedding,) can still feel jarring for the big switch at the end, but sometimes life is like that. The best laid plans plans of mice and men oft go awry.

    Thank you for reading. 🙂

  16. Yeah, sadly the long storytelling we all love from the series was the main reason of its demise. It is not easy to change directions with a story whose ending was set in stone since season 2. Maybe it was kind of an oversight how amazing the Barney's arc was going to be and the actress that potrayed Tracy totally nailed it and I think they didn't ment it to be that way, soy they shot themselves in the foot there.

  17. This just pipped up in my feed so I don't know if you'll see this, but if so, can you please do the day will and grace died. I have a few episodes in mind for that I just wonder if there's a general agreement

  18. Tbh I think the final episode would have been better as a 1part without all the future stuff. It should have been the wedding, the reception and the train station scenes. While Ted and Tracy talk, camera pans back. Future Ted narrates "and that kids, is how I met your mother". Fade to black and end. Just like the alternative ending, satisfying solid end to the story and leaves viewers wanting to see more.

  19. the TV company actually cut off around 6 minutes of the last episode, which were all so important to compliment the ending. they just HAD to cut it off to fit the 22 average screentime of the show. you can search up and watch the cut of scenes on youtube, and i assure you that you will be 100x more satisfied. im so outraged that they did cut it out, it was so important and far more heartwarming/satisfying

  20. I used to agree with the whole population that the ending was awful, but realizing how much my life has now mirrored it I can’t help but appreciate it. The show is about people, and it’s about timing, and that’s very stressed throughout all seasons.

    When I met my soul mate we were 21 and 22, and she wasn’t ready for a relationship but I had the Ted moment where the minute I saw her and looked into her eyes I knew. I spent a year off bounds to anyone hoping she’d get past her previous issues with a toxic relationship and focus on the connection we couldn’t let go of and set myself to being the best friend I could be to her. She dated another girl, they got married. A year and a half after meeting her and her starting this relationship I decided to try and move on even knowing it probably wouldn’t happen and I met my best friend who I spent six years with. I did love her, and we enjoyed our time together and learned so much from it but we weren’t right for eachother and as much as I hate to admit it, I never forgot my soul mate. It took us eight years to finally get together when she realized she wasn’t happy in her marriage and that our friendship and connection had only intensified over the years. She makes me complete, and as much as I would’ve loved the last eight years with her when I was ready the day I met her, I don’t regret my relationship of six years with a person who is my best friend now.

    Yes it undid a lot of the character growth we saw in Barney, Robyn and Ted, and maybe it makes Tracey seem like a silver medal but it isn’t true. Barney did grow and love Robyn and Robyn loved him, but deep down they both were just too similar and focused on their own wants to really be happy. They could make it work, but it wouldn’t be happiness. Ted and Tracey loved eachother and as Robyn said to Ted in season 1 and 2, he wanted kids and she didn’t. Tracey had her love with Ted and gave him children she loved too but life doesn’t go as planned and we adapt to those changes. Robyn is finally in a place where she wants what Ted does, and she doesn’t have to have her own children to make him happy. Their lives are independently where they both need to be to fully be together and be happy. He said it in an episode he’d run to her apartment if it gave him one more day with her, so it’s not that he just throws Tracey aside, it’s just that the reality of her being gone opens up a door he thought long closed that was shut due to timing.

    It still isn’t the best ending, but it’s realistic.

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