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WHEN YOU LOSE TO WIN | Erwin McManus – MOSAIC | mosaic | Thông tin nghệ thuật hay mới cập nhật tại đây

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WHEN YOU LOSE TO WIN | Erwin McManus – MOSAIC | Tất cả các thông tin về nghệ thuật được cung cấp tại đây.

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Mục sư Erwin McManus mang đến một thông điệp kịp thời vào cuối tuần này để đáp lại sự ủy thác mặt nạ bất ngờ từ hạt LA đã dẫn đến việc Thu thập Trực tiếp đầu tiên của Mosaic bị hoãn lại. Từ sách 1 Cô-rinh-tô, Mục sư Erwin chia sẻ với chúng ta ý nghĩa của việc sống theo lời của sứ đồ Phao-lô để ‘trở nên mọi sự cho mọi người’. Những người theo Chúa Giê-su có thể trải nghiệm sự tự do hoàn toàn, ngay cả khi họ điều chỉnh cuộc sống của mình để chia sẻ thông điệp của Đấng Christ với những người khác. Thông qua việc buông bỏ bản ngã của mình và từ bỏ lập trường chính trị để tiếp nhận lớp vỏ của phúc âm, Mục sư Erwin khuyến khích tất cả những ai theo Chúa Giê-su hãy chú ý đến cuộc chiến quan trọng. Thông điệp này mang lại cái nhìn sâu sắc đáng kinh ngạc về cách tất cả chúng ta có thể sống theo cách mà ‘chiến thắng’ không bị lãng phí trong các trận chiến vô nghĩa, mà thay vào đó là dành cho trận chiến quan trọng nhất mà chúng ta phải đối mặt – cuộc chiến vì trái tim con người. Đây là một thông điệp bạn không muốn bỏ lỡ! .

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38 thoughts on “WHEN YOU LOSE TO WIN | Erwin McManus – MOSAIC | mosaic | Thông tin nghệ thuật hay mới cập nhật tại đây”

  1. I am so grateful for your heart, Pastor Erwin McManus. You have so wonderfully articulated what I felt was but could not, and also informed above that. This is a real challenge to love and remember our great commission and ambassadorship!

  2. “We don’t need to pick a side”
    I agree with this wholeheartedly, and it’s a sad truth that our political culture has succumb this binary model of us vs them. It is inspiring to see/follow a leader that isn’t afraid to stand up against this pattern of forcing people to choose a side.
    Thank you Pastor Erwin.

  3. You are still closed because of ppl like mee. I’m so glad I have the opportunity to engage with what mosaic is doing remind me of who he is. Thank you for this live stream. Please keep it up after you open up your physical doors again

  4. I live in the Bronx and stumbled on your IG post. Thank you for sharing your heart and for true depth in this word. I have left church going on three years. I really feel God love for humanity in your message. Stay true to who God’s designed you to be.

  5. Great job presenting mosaic’s stance on meeting with in the cities regulations. Paul says each mans conscience should guide them and our actions should not be a stumbling block. If people disagree they can always attend another church.
    I believe God will be served supporting both views. The people of the church should respect the elders of the church in each decision. Paul also states we should follow the law of the land. Our religious freedom is not going to end but it may end up the church meets in homes as it did originally. The anti church movement may be the beginning of the end but if so Christian faith will tested just as Jesus promised. No surprise in the attacks.

  6. @ErwinMcManus @Mosaic. Wow that was one of the most powerful statements. "They will never be our enemies. They are going to be our objects of love." Jaw dropped. This is truly the teachings of Jesus Christ. This was Jesus' message to the world. Thank you for spreading this type of love Pastor Erwin and for allowing us into your heart's perspective.

  7. Appreciate your message and perspective! Feeling so torn between being there for those that choose Jesus now over the people that might later just because we followed the mandates (which aren’t law). People have already lost so much this past year and a half – marriages, friendships, community, homes, businesses, health, etc. What if this isn’t the loss we’re supposed to take? Love from Seattle!

  8. The purest truth I have ever heard. We can't indeed fight a spiritual warfare with canal weapons. Thank you pastor Erwin for your positive influence on my life. I have been truly blessed by your ministry especially by your sincerity and the truth in God's you share. Please don't relent, there are people like us always seeking the path of truth and looking for others who seek same.

  9. Thank you pastor Erwin….incredible message!!! What great demonstrated by standing in service to the weak and strong! Love Mosaic’s mission and passion!!!

  10. I respect Pastor Erwin's conviction and his leadership. He is courageously doing what he thinks is right and is not weak. However, the so called lost of Los Angeles who are looking for a reason to sling mud on the church already have it in their minds to do so. Continuing to isolate the church won't win them over. Their minds are made up and time to exercise your right while you still have it. Those desperate for human connection will come because the church is the alternative to fear. We keep saying, 'this isn't our hill to die on.' Yet, we may wake up and find there are no more hills to die on.

  11. Thank you Pastor Erwin for a beautiful sermon. We all need to remember our true identity; we are HIS! Praying for all my Brothers and Sisters 🙏❤❤❤

  12. I love the heart behind this…my question would be however…What if more souls are won by gathering together like the Bible tells us too? Being all things to all men is good yes, but the churches that are open are seeing massive influx and hearts changed because as you say at the end, we weren’t made for isolation.

  13. First thank you God for letting me find this and Thank you for this Mr. McManus I have been losing lately as well but thank you for showing me the bigger picture I need to see May God bless you and let us strive to complete our mission just as brother Paul did

  14. Thank you so much, pastor Erwin! Thank you for bringing it all back to the only thing that matters, bringing Jesus' love to all who need it. And what you said about the church being in the courtyard! 🔥 We are the team!

  15. So beautiful, and from the heart of God. I could write paragraphs on the depths of the wisdom in this timely message. Let the magazines write on this! I hope other churches and Christian leaders tap into the heart of God concerning the souls, and where the true battle is. Wow just wow. <3 <3 <3 Jesus You're Beautiful. Thank you Mosaic and Erwin!! The church needs this message desperately

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